Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this Web site as well as all transactions conducted through the site.

  • Return Policy
  • Cancellation and Payment/Refund Policy

    Cancellation of Class Policy

    Course dates, times, and prices are subject to change at any time and enrollees are not subject to a refund as a result of this.

    We reserve the right to cancel any class (with or without reason) anytime prior to class date.

    Cancellation notice can only be given to students who have already registered and paid.

    Students who have not registered and pre-paid and still wish to attend certain courses and "pay at the door" registration should contact the school before appearing for class to ascertain that the class WILL be held.

    Tuition rates paid "at the door" may be higher than the pre-paid rates. No charge to re-schedule.

    Terms of Payment

    Payment for all tuition and fees is accepted in the form of cash, certified check or money order, or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover).  Checks, certified checks and money orders are payable to the order of Real Estate Training for U.  Please include name of the student, course enrolling in, and contact phone number and email address.

    Refund and Repayment Policies

    The following policies govern refunds to students in case of course withdrawal, denial or dismissal from the school:  

    All purchases paid by the applicant shall be refunded if the applicant is rejected by the school before enrollment or if the student cancels within three (3) calendar days after purchase.  No refunds will be granted after that time period.  

    Refund requests must be in writing.  All refunds shall be returned within thirty (30) days of the request. 

    There is a $25.00 administration fee for each course enrolled when cancelling.   

    Study materials given to or purchased by the student are not refundable and will be deducted from refunded amounts due.

    Once class begins, no refunds will be issued.

    Course Attendance Policy

    Full attendance is required for the duration of the course that a student is enrolled.  Students are required to attend the courses in which they are enrolled.  They are expected to arrive on time for each class and to remain for the entire class unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor. 

    Each course offered has a required number of class hours that must be met by the student.  If a student must miss a class due to an emergency over which he or she has no control, the student must contact the instructor to make other arrangements to meet the required number of class hours. 

    Students may make up time by attending another course, at no additional charge, as long as the course is completed within twelve (12) months of the original course starting date.  

    A student that does not utilize the opportunity to take another course for full completion will be considered to have dropped the course and must repay all tuition and fees to take another course.